Members of Kodar Group

The fact that these companies have similar scope of work enables us to execute the majority of our business demands ‘in house’, and offer our clients a high – quality solutions based on ‘turnkey’ system. Even though the member companies are organized in the same way and giving each other maximum support, they are still independent and managed by professionals specialized in specific areas. This is what gives Kodar Group a significant flexibility and creativity exercised through constant exchange of knowledge and experience.

This kind of organization and our determination to constantly invest in education and training of our man power, is a true magnet for all kinds of both experienced and just graduated engineers.

Even though some of the member –companies were founded more than half a century ago and some just several years ago, they together consist a system unique not only in our region, but also very rare on a world scale. Whether we are designing, testing or constructing, our team operates by one simple motto "Partner for a lifetime"!